Mindball Game is developed from the prototype, Brainball, produced by The Interactive Institute. Mindball Game is a game where you compete in relaxing. The game is controlled with the players brainwaves that are picked up by sensors on a headband. The technology used is called EEG. The goal is to get the ball on the table to roll in the other players direction. The screen shows the players brainwaves during the game and wich one of the two players is the most relaxed. With the accessory Mindball Game Multiplayer you can also play three against three.

Bitte Hanell, Staffan Söderlund, Karl-Erik Ericsson, Petter Svärd





Syntjuntan or synth-club started its activity in the summer of 2009 and is an ensemble of female composers, musicians and instrumentbuilders. The club started to meet women´s curiosity towards technology and electronics, to encourage them to build instruments themselves and in various ways enable them to exeperiment on their own. In a synth-club you get to familiarise yourself with experimental music; play, listen and build your own synth. Ann Rosén, Lise-Lotte Norelius, Ida Lunden www.syntjuntan.se ________________________________________________________ Kulturskolan Young Narrates/Speaking Youth is Kulturskolan Stockholms (The Cultureschool of Stockholm) media and democratic-center with the task of fortifying young peoples involvement and own production and creation through media. Together with schools, museums and other organizations there are, throughout the year, different kinds of workshops and projects to bring forth young peoples involvement and narratives. Simon Strömberg, Tommy Omazic och Carin Granath, Cristina Blendea. www.kulturskolan.stockholm.se ________________________________________________________ DAC LOBBY Imagination Studios Imagination Studios Imagination Studios is an Art Outsourcing studio that specializes in providing art assets and animation to the game and entertainment industry. Imagination Studios provide motion capture of body, face, eye or full performance capture as needed with multiple actors. www.imaginationstudios.se Kulturhuset / Culturehouse In the fall of 2009 Lave and the Interactive Institute collaborated in a series of workshops focusing on the art of sound. The basis or starting point of the workshops was a simple circuit that could record and play sounds. Through experimenting with different ways of using, packaging and changing this simple circuit the creation of the works we now get to see, listen to and interact with started. Lena Bergendahl, Fredrik Bridell (tii), Erik Sjödin (tii), Estella Burga(Lava) and Deniz Duvarci (Lava) www.kulturhuset.se www.lavaland.se Fido Film Fido is a visual FX and Animation studio working with both commercials and feature films. Fido has a strong focus on character and creature animation as well as complex simulations of real world elements. Fidos objective is to combine proprietary technology and world-class creative talent to create the best possible solutions for our clients all around the world. www.fido.se ________________________________________________________ Skövde Högskola Five students took an expetition to Kista to film, foto and edit the following three shortfilms. “Kista” by Emil Kasterman “There´s no place like home” by Katarina Rinaldo och Johanna Berg “Konsten i tunnnelbanans blåa linje” (”The art in the blue subwayline”) by Ylva Melin och Sara Chogrich www.his.se Body Bug Movinto Fun develope innovative products that put the world in motion! The leading words are movement, to have fun and community. The company has its roots in research that combines dance with interactiondesign. The first product, BodyBug® was launched in 2010. BodyBug® is a movementbody, a robot, a gameconsole. Together you can dance, play – wherever you want, whenever you want ! BodyBug@ is movementfun! Movinto Fun AB www.movintofun.se ________________________________________________________  Game Art Game Art is the name of a movement in contemporary art. It is about artists who in one way or the other work with computergames. They are inspired by them, make their own games, hack games or use the esthetics and dramaturgy of the game. Here are shown some examples from a larger exhibition that was produced by Mejan Labs in Stockholm in 2007 and show in 2008 in various places in Sweden. The exhibition had the title “Game Art” and contained early, classic Game Art as well as new. Below is a presentation of the works in the exhibition at DAC. 1. Mengbo Feng: Ah_Q, 2002 Mengbo Feng Ah_Q is based on the classic game Quake III. You play the game as usual but the computerkeyboard is replaced by a panel of sensors that you activate with your feet. Also the games monsters are replaced and instead you are faced with an animated Mengbo Feng heavily armed with both guns and a camera. A bloody fight starts and when it is over you will find that the character you have played is a mirrored image of your opponent. Feng is both the conqueror and offer. 2. Gonzalo Frasca September 12, 2003 Gonzalo Frasca is a games theoretic and developer from Urugay. September 12 is a visualization of the paradox that the socalled ”war on terror” contains. The players task is to shoot a missile on terrorist that have inhabited a town somewhere in the middle east. When the missiles are shot not only is the terrorists killed but also the civilians that find themselves in the vicinity. Grieving people gather, armor up and are transformed into terrorists themselves. 3. Göran Sundqvist Spel/Game, 1960-1961 There are several candidates to the construction of the very first computer game. Among the first is Göran Sundqvist with a game created in 1960 or 1961, then working as a engineer at SAAB and working at the company´s newly developed computer D2 or SANK. The computer was meant to be used within the airforce and to demonstrate the computer Sundqvist constructed a simple missile game. Sundqvist realized the possibilities of using the computer as an artistic tool and later on he became active as an computer-artist. 4. Natale Bookchin The Intruder, 1999 The Intruder, 1999 Natalie Bookchin is active in Los Angeles. Her “The Intruder” from 1999 is based on a novel by the Spanish author Jorge Luis Borges, La Intrusa. In the novel Borges describes a triangle drama between two brothers that are in love with the same girl. They decide to get rid of her. The Intruder is this whole novel and you read it by playing a series of classic games. ________________________________________________________ DAC EXPERIENCE Shaped

Shaped is a 3D projection mapping software developed by Ixagon. Shaped features and easy and intuitive user interface for mapping scenes, a server software to sync multiple projections and supports an unlimited number of faces.

Ixagon is a software company residing in Malmö, Sweden, specializing in creating custom software solutions for visualisations at events and installations.


Mindball Trainer Mindball Trainer is product for training a persons skills to concentrate. The product is controlled with the users brainwaves, picked up by sensors on a headband. The technology used is called EEG. The goal is to get the ball on the board to roll into the goal. The screen shows the users brainwaves during the session and the level of concentration by the user. Bitte Hanell, Staffan Söderlund, Johan Weman, Tobias Stjernefeldt, Öyvind Johannessen www.mindball.se ________________________________________________________ Flight Simulator APEM and Stockholm university/DSV have started a collaboration with flightsimulation where APEM provides DSC with high-technological gaming equipment and a games chair. This has resulted in a series of exhibitions and events similar to DAC. Stefan Steiner www.apem.se www.dsv.su.se ________________________________________________________ Autonomous Flower wall Would you like to grow your own wallpaper in the future ? With Autonomous wallpaper we explore how interior decoration could be something more than just replacing the curtains, buying a new flowerpot or changing the sofa. Instead you can search for an interesting picture and create new patterns on the wall. Here you can send a picture from your mobile (with Bluetooth) and decide (with the pen) where a flower should grow. Sara Ljungblad, Mattias Jacobsson www.mobile-life.org ________________________________________________________ Knäckebröd Turntable   Yoshi Akai uses traditional materials and objects to create new experimental music. Lego pieces become synth-tangents and knäckebrod (Swedish hard bread) the vinyl. He uses object we recognise from our daily life and uses them in a new and creative way. Yohi Akai www.yoshiakai.com ________________________________________________________ Dissolution There are phenomenons that are very strange. Questions often arise when you are confronted with these phenomenons. Usually it takes time to answer them, if you even dare, but with this installation we try to answer as concise as possible. And that has to be a good thing. What you hear when you stand and stare is of course a Tibetan bowl placed in a tune. The picture dilutes slowly and finally dissolves completely. Love Ekenberg, Aron Larsson www.dsv.su.se ________________________________________________________ DigiWall is both a climbingwall and a computergame – a computergame that you play with your whole body. The glowing climbing grips lead the way, sound and music create presence and atmosphere and the whole wall reacts to what you are doing. DigiWall gives an experience by physical activity and you use all your senses. Katarina Delsing, Mats Liljedahl, Stefan Lindberg www.digiwall.se ________________________________________________________ Men who fall The upright (- ) holded position is not completed before the implicit fall, the calmness is presupposed by the most beautiful movement of all: of not changing the expression the slightest. Men are set aside, men go on a bend, men lose their footing and men lose the grip…  seldom do they fall until one day we hear that our newly divorced neighbor wakes up in his own vomit EVERY DAY (and it´s as late as one in the afternoon, doesn´t he have a job to go to anymore?). Robert Brečević & Geska Helena Brečević www.performingpictures.se ________________________________________________________ Women who turn around To do the presumed impossible and turn around afterwards. Rejections, accusations and guilt. Looks that can be felt in the back of the head. The accusations is a choreographed comment: Why did you leave when I had my back turned ? It is a sort of dance. A careful study in the oscillation between matter and movement; how a person locks themselves in immobility and thereafter turns around – without stepping out of its “figure”. Robert Brečević & Geska Helena Brečević www.performingpictures.se ________________________________________________________