May 6th, 2010

DAC – Digital Art Center


DAC – Digital Art Center is  a public center that will highlight the interaction between creativity and new technology as an area of high priority for the future.

DAC is a project at the intersection of cultural, educational and industrial politics that aim to promote local and regional growth. DAC will be based on a close interaction between the academic, industrial and public sectors.

DAC will become an arena of exhibitions, creative works and meetings. It will be a public space in Kista that shows the positive effects arising from the combination of art, digital technology, science and culture in a concrete way.

DAC will display both occasional and permanent exhibitions. The exhibitions will create a  bridge between the visitors and that which is new and yet unfamiliar in the technological evolution and the contemporary cultural landscape.

DAC is a collaborative project between Stockholm University/DSV, Interactive Institute, Atrium Ljungberg, Kista Science City, IT-gymnasiet, City of Stockholm and Swedish ICT Research AB.